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Billy Bob abduction

Genre: Point and click adventure
Size: 1,15 MB
Description: Investigate the misterious abduction and explain the case in court.


Genre: Escape the room
Size: 800 KB
Description: To leave this house you will have to solve many rooms.

Easy RPG

Genre: Role playing game
Size: 37 KB
Description: Fight monsters by moving your character over the terrain.

Escape the room

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 2,88 MB
Description: You drank too much last night and can't remember how to get out.

Esk - Donna's room

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 137 KB
Description: It doesn't matter how you got there, you must get out! Walkthrough available!

Esk 2

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 230 KB
Description: Escape from kitchen but help yourself with a little snack.


Genre: Role playing game
Size: 153 KB
Description: Storm the maze fighting ghosts and unlocking mysteries.

Gina Lash & Swirls

Genre: Adventure
Size: 918 KB
Description: Help Gina Lash find the cinnamon swirls secret recipe.

Goat in the grey Fedora

Genre: Adventure
Description: Black and white game where you have to find a goat statue. Walkthrough available!


Genre: Adventure
Size: 800 KB
Description: Trick or treat! Escape from the haunted house.

Jinx 2 (Christmas)

Genre: Adventure
Size: 330 KB
Description: The story continues. Now you must escape evil Santa.

Leaky house

Genre: Educational adventure
Size: 261 KB
Description: Learn how you can save water in this easy adventure.

Leo's great day

Genre: Adventure
Size: 289 KB
Description: Leo is traped in his room, help him avoid cave in.

Little Ogee

Genre: Adventure
Size: 942 KB
Description: Ogee must save the world and needs some assistance. Walkthrough available!

Maama room

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 74 KB
Description: Can you escape this one? Nice graphics!

Mucha Lucha

Genre: Adventure
Size: 800 KB
Description: Your friend has been kidnaped! You must help him.


Genre: Adventure
Size: 910 KB
Description: Collect enough coins for train ticket and travel.

Rock tha house

Genre: Action adventure
Size: 1,07 MB
Description: Break in the house and get all the bling, bling.

SD: Creepy cave

Genre: Action adventure
Size: 1,87 MB
Description: Scooby Doo and Shaggy have another mistery.

Swedish Saveloy

Genre: Adventure
Size: 2,98 MB
Description: Help Saveloy pay his gambling debt or the mob will get him.

The legend of Zelda

Genre: Adventure
Size: 724 KB
Description: Help Zelda return the lampshade of no real significance.

The stone of Anamara

Genre: Adventure
Size: 5,1 MB
Description: Find out what's been happening in the old sanatorium.

Tobby room

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 299 KB
Description: Free the puppies and escape the house. Nice pixel graphics.

White chamber

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 800 KB
Description: Escape the latest Takagism creation!

Winooz adventure

Genre: Point and click adventure
Size: 624 KB
Description: Join Winooz in his journey through the caves.

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Here at Ajkul.com, we believe that gaming should provide fun and not frustration. Some games can be hard and being stuck in a same place often leads to frustration. Therefore, here is a list of games with walkthrough available. It will continue to grow.
- Casino
- Escape from Rhetundo Island
- Esk - Dona's room
- Goat in the grey Fedora
- Hapland
- Hapland 2
- House
- Little Ogee
- Museum
- Office
- Swedish Saveloy
- White chamber *new*

Newest games

The last stand

Genre: Shooting
Size: 4.26 MB
Description: Defend the stand and survive 20 nights of zombie attacks.

Free Slots

Genre: Games
Size: 128 KB
Description: Where will the white ball land?

Pinch hitter

Genre: Baseball
Size: 682 KB
Description: The NBL season has started, show your batting average.

Hive hero

Genre: Shooting action
Size: 759 KB
Description: One very angry bee, on a rampage, with a gun...

Ace driver

Genre: Racing
Size: 734 KB
Description: Can you beat the clock and get good car insurance?


Genre: Lights out
Size: 157 KB
Description: Raise all cubes up, gets tricky near end.

Doctor Compactor

Genre: Shooter
Size: 275 KB
Description: Shoot down differenet household items.

Missile 3D

Genre: Action maze
Size: 505 KB
Description: Guide your missile through traps and narrow paths.

Qwerty warriors

Genre: Shoot'em up
Size: 704 KB
Description: Shoot enemies by typing words!

Congestion chaos

Genre: Racing
Size: 191 KB
Description: Make deliveries across town avoiding cameras.

Romanius 2

Genre: Action
Size: 1,97 MB
Description: The path continues. Bigger, stronger enemies. Slay.

Squirrel escape

Genre: Action escape
Size: 314 KB
Description: Escape many rooms, collecting keys and coins.


Genre: Space shooting
Size: 170 KB
Description: Shoot your way to the top in a hostile space.

Angel Bothorius

Genre: Platform
Size: 602 KB
Description: Help Bothorius find his feathers and return to heaven.


Genre: Smash'em up
Size: 1,57 MB
Description: Smash as much as you can. Don't let them get you!

Esk 2

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 230 KB
Description: Escape from kitchen but help yourself with a little snack.


Genre: Shoot'em up
Size: 1,08 MB
Description: D-day-like invasion. Shoot little army men.


Genre: Action
Size: 1,19 MB
Description: Take a path of a roman warrior. Slay.

Security 2

Genre: Escape
Size: 1,01 MB
Description: Escape from jail, avoiding guards and cameras.

Pirates vs. aliens

Genre: Shoot'em up
Size: 134 KB
Description: Aye capt'n! Let's shoot some aliens and get th'r loot.

Rapid fire

Genre: Shooting
Size: 280 KB
Description: Shoot targets for points, multiple rounds.

Fly trap

Genre: Action
Size: 612 KB
Description: See how many flies you can help Pedro catch. Funny!

Fancy pants adventure

Genre: Arcade action
Size: 1,63 MB
Description: Fast running action in strange world. Cool graphics!

Chuck Norris game

Genre: Chuck Norris
Size: 982 KB
Description: Roundhouse kick all the massacre ninjas!

Alien hominid

Genre: Shoot'em up
Size: 1,94 MB
Description: You are an alien fighting FBI guys.

Tetris 3D

Genre: Puzzle
Size: 84 KB
Description: Tetris with a twisted perspective!


Genre: Casino
Size: 312 KB
Description:Try your hand at slots and see if you can break the house

Super soldier

Genre: Army shoot'em up
Size: 286 KB
Description: Great artwork, simple concept. Bloddy adictive!

White chamber

Genre: Escape the room
Size: 800 KB
Description: Escape the latest Takagism creation!

Anode & Cathode games

This week's feature presentation: A&C game series. Scratch the mistery, meet Sandy and help her find answers from Spieler, her father...


Genre: Adventure
Description: First in the series. Will you succeed in escaping the office?!
Walkthrough: yes


Genre: Adventure
Description: Things will come clear in the house but still far away from answers you seek.
Walkthrough: yes


Genre: Adventure
Description: Real gem for adventure junkies. You are so close to unveil the mistery.
Walkthrough: yes


Genre: Adventure
Description: Last piece of the puzzle. Her father's casino... What will you discover?
Walkthrough: yes


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